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Welcome to Synenti!

Here you will find Synenti, which is my take on illustrated business humor in a series of books:

A quirky perspective on businesses, workplaces, bosses and employees.

I hope you will enjoy it.


The Synenti series includes these titles:

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Hakon Sonneland is a writer and artist based in the rural Norway.

He published more than 20 titles on major Norwegian Publishing houses (under his native name Håkon Forfod Sønneland), before he reached out to the international audience with his humorous take on business life, in the Synenti Series.

As an artist, he has been known for exhibiting a Fly Swatter made of Glass (it will work only once), and a bikini made of sand paper (with the sandy side inwards).

He once made a fuss when he convinced his local museum not to take entrance fees, but insted pay people up to 100 dollars for coming inside.

He is also a speaker, giving advice of how to think outside the box.

Photo: Yann CM Bougaran

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Make your own Synenti humor

1. Find stock photo

Run through hundreds of stock photos, and choose the ones that sparks a special interest. 

2. Make it a drawing

Manipulate the photo so it looks more like a drawing. 

3. Add some text

Finally, come up with a text to make it funny. That's it. 

  • Håkon Forfod Sønneland

    “The best series I have ever been in!”

  • Håkon Forfod Sønneland

    “Get your free book today”

  • Håkon Forfod Sønneland

    “I wish i could see the humor myself, but I am trapped inside Synenti.”

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This is where I work

I used to work as a journalist and feature editor, and among other things, I wrote a column covering Microsoft, Apple and the tech industry.

Today I have a studio in a repurposed barn in the Norwegian countryside. I currently work as an artist and an author, and give corporate seminars on thinking outside the box.

From here, I see the international corporate world from the perspective of a true outsider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How about family?

Married, two girls, a cat and a dog. 

Aren't you a soccer fan?

Oh, yes! My teams are Sunderland and Lillestrøm. They rarely win anything, but I watch anyway.

Winter or summer?

Summer! Definitely!

Fish or beer?

Though one. Not really. Beer.

Any more questions?

Email me at I will answer. I promise.

I only had two problems

I wanted to publish illustrated humor on Amazon.

There were only two problems:

1)     I can’t draw.

2)     My English isn’t all that good.

Because I can’t draw, my creative process with Synenti differs from how most cartoon makers work. I don’t start with a plot and then draw. Instead, I start with pictures from different stock photo services. I find business pictures that trigger something in me, and work from there. A significant advantage with this approach is that the illustration is already made. I just download it and manipulate it so it gets the

cartoon-look that I like.

And as for the English:

Luckily, there are excellent translators out there!

So far, I have written Synenti in Norwegian, and then worked with a translator to turn it into English. But now I want to change that. I think making Synenti is a good chance for me to develop my English skills, so instead, I write the series in English, and then ask the translator to do corrections.

And for this website, I write the best English I can, run the text through ProWritingAid, and ask you to be generous enough to accept that my language isn’t perfect.

Here is Synenti as an ebook on a phone or tablet.

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Your name in Synenti?

Write to me and ask, and I'm pretty sure that I will use your name in a Synenti strip: 

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Hakon Sonneland - creator of Synenti

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